Our Present Mentors

Shraddheya Shailbala Pandya

Married to Dr. Pranav Pandya on June 3rd, 1971 ( Gayatri Jayanti). Research -oriented thinking with novel investigations done in the field of experimental and clinical psychology at Indore University, India.

Main motivator for joining the Global Gayatri Movement on the call of Guru satta in Feb 1978, when she left Indore and joined the team of Shantikunj with Dr.Pranav Pandya and her one and a half years old son, Chinmay.

She has been actively involved in Nari-jagran movement with Param Vandniya Mataji since 1980 to 1994, delivering lectures to millions of people all over the country and abroad.

After the Mahaprayan of Param Vandniya Mataji in 1994, she has been looking after the whole organization with parental care and under the subtler guidance of Guru satta.

Successful execution of the management of headquarters with personal care of all correspondence in India and abroad.