What is Gayatri

Gayatri is the eternal source of thy willpower that motivates the origin and all activities of the visible and invisible forms of Nature. The rivers, oceans, the earth, the moon, the sun and the gamut of other planets, from tiniest particle to the universal expansion…, everything is moving because of this cosmic driving force. It is the root of the impulse of life in the blossoming plants and trees that beautify Nature. The force of life in all living beings originates from its presence. Its superior presence in the human beings is reflected in the intellect, which enables the progressive development of the world and ascent of human life. In extraordinary cases, this sublime power is expressed as spiritually evolved pure, discerning intelligence – Ritambhara Pragya. This enlightened wisdom helps one understand what is right and what is wrong and guides to choose the prudent path to the higher goals of life. This divine power mostly remains concealed in the inner cores of our minds. The determined endeavor of its arousal is termed Sadhana. The activation of this subliminal force of Gayatri in the soul links the human self with the divine light and powers of thee.

Being the source of ultimate evolution and beatified salvation of prana, the Adi Sakti is called Gayatri. The vedic scripture “Aitareya Brahmana” describes this meaning as — “Gayan Trayate Sa Gayatrt”; Meaning: That, which protects the gaya (prana) is Gayatri. The scholarly “Shankar Acharya Bhatia” further explains the meaning of Galati as — “Gyrate Tata Malaya Gayatriti”; Meaning: the discerning, pure intellect – Ritambhara Pragma, which unfolds the ultimate truth and ab¬solute knowledge, is Galati.

Sadbuddhi – the enlightened intellect that enables prudent distinction between the truth and the false, the right and the wrong and guides the righteous decision making, is indeed a unique power, which proves to be superior and more beneficial than any other power or resource in the world. Wisdom or brilliance of mind trained and talented in worldly affairs might serve excellent achievements in materialistic developments. But the glittering success, haughty possessions and luxurious comforts attained thereby do not assure reduction of ego, jealousy, worries, tensions and other complications; and on the contrary, often gravitate the burden of the untoward tendencies and problems in life. No wisdom, no intelligence — how- soever trenchant, clever or erudite it may be, can nurture real and viable progress with peace and joy if it is not endowed with sadbuddhi.

The sharp intellect if deprived of sadbuddhi turns out to be a negative talent in many respects. Such a power of mind may appear fascinating on several fronts and offer rapid materialistic gains and powers but it is also true that it steals the peace of mind and thereby encourages psychosomatic disorders and varieties of related problems. In extreme cases, it might trigger detrimental decline by accumulating egotist cruelty and immoral use of talents…. The sharper such skilled minds, the greater would be the insidious effects. It thus appears better to have a dumb head than such durbuddhi.

The divine light of Gayatri generates sadbuddhi, which illuminates righteous intellect and inculcates virtuous and saintly tendencies. Every step guided by its inspiration is a forward move towards welfare, peace and happiness. The sadbuddhi educed by the grace of Gayatri strengthens one’s virtuous talents, enlightens the prana and gradually bestows greater success and glory in ideal direction. Durbuddhi, on the contrary weakens the vigor of prana by draining it in untoward thoughts and activities driven by selfish passions and addictions. It plunges one’s life deeper in the mire of ignorance, confusion, perversion and sins. Cravings, avarice, fear, ego and self-obsessive ambitions shield the inner light by durbuddhi and eventually diminish the mental strength and talents too…; thus leading to endless sufferings, sorrows and decline.

Gayatri is the savior force and pious light for those entrapped in the vicious cycle of durbuddhi and evil instincts and those loosing the invaluable human life in shear ignorance. It kindles the spark of sadbuddhi and thus provides a divine support, a courageous hope and liberates and saves the prana of people from the smog of illusion and perversion… The path to righteous evolution opens up with the inspiration of Gayatri and the silver line of peace, progress and true joy begins to shine with soothing glow in the devotee’s life.

Gayatri is not any mythological deity or imaginary power. Rather, it is the source of divine luminescence, the evolutionary impulse of thy will that is expressed in human self as sadbuddhi and that enables enlightened progress and glorious accomplishment of life.

The spiritually illuminated acumen of the rishis had found, while in the depths of their sadhana that the subliminal powers of Gayatri are active in the cosmic vibrations of Sabda (eternal sound). This realization was expressed by rishi Vishwamitra in the unique mantra of twenty-four specific symbols (syllables) associated with the corresponding currents of Sabda. This mantra, being a representation and carrier of the sublime power of Gayatri — the eternal savior of pratna, is called the great Gayatri Mantra.

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