Mantra Lekhan Maha-Purashcharan REGISTRATION

GPWO is taking a great initiative of writing 2,400,000 Gayatri mantras in Maha-Purashcharan, Gayatri Mantra Lekhan Abhiyan, with the help of all the devotees  2020 till Ashwin Navratri 2021.

We request everyone to join this Maha Purashcharan Abhiyan for creating the divine ambience at “Shantivan” Ashram (GPWO’s Centre for Scientific Spirituality and Holistic Wellbeing) – 4173 Boundary Road Lount, Sundridge, ON, Canada.

Please fill out the Mantra Lekhan Abhiyan form so we can provide you the Mantra Lekhan book as soon as it is available to us. For inquiries call 905-966-0866 or email us at [email protected] 

Maha-Purashcharan Mantra Lekhan Abhiyan
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